The Righteous Brother: (Playing in the Street)

When I was five, I told my two-year-old sister to stand in the middle of the street. It wasn’t a matter of not knowing any better. In fact, my motivation was to get her in trouble. All it managed was to get me in trouble. I like to think that I was at least humane enough to make sure there were no cars coming – but I’m not entirely sure. What I do remember were my parents running out the door and grabbing my sister from harm’s way, as my visiting grandparents watched from the porch. I remember the wooden brush against my ass. I remember crying. I remember my grandfather being so upset by my scolding, that he and my grandma left. Though I don’t condone hitting a child with a wooden brush, a hand, or any other object for that matter, I certainly don’t condone telling a toddler to stand in the middle of a street. Having a two-year-old of my own makes this episode even more cringe-worthy. This incident also sparked my first grounding – one week without friends, which was not that difficult for somebody with no friends.


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