The Dog Shit Incident

R.J. Fox

The defining moment of my childhood took place on a cold, winter day, on the snow-covered playground of my elementary school. I was in the 4th grade. My class was out for was mid-morning recess. Most children can’t wait until the recess bell rings…but I dreaded it. For me, recess was a lonely, frightening place.

As per usual, I spent half of the recess period sitting beneath the swing set, digging a hole in the dirt with my friend and fellow dork Patrick. I decided I needed some alone time and headed to my favorite slide.

As I was about to go down the slide for the 8th time, I spotted him coming in the distance: David Murphy. The person most responsible for making my elementary school years a never-ending hell.

This kid gave me trouble from the moment he arrived in the 2nd grade (which at…

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