Air Ball

R.J. Fox

IMG_6499Middle school is awkward enough for just about everyone, but it is a nightmare for any perceived dork, nerd, freak, or weirdo. Fortunately, there were always other dorks to keep me company. However, not all dorks were my friends. There were some I simply didn’t want to be friends with because they were even dorkier than me. I avoided associating myself with them for the same reason jocks avoided me. On the flip side, there were some dorks more popular than me who did the same. In fact, they went out of their way to make fun of me just as much as the jocks did, because they were working so hard at being accepted. There were the unwritten rules of the dork kingdom.

Although I may have avoided the dorks beneath me, I never stooped low enough to taunt them – no matter how desperate I was for acceptance…

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