My American Pastime

R.J. Fox

It is no surprise that during the same summer I became a baseball junkie, a game was born bearing my name. I was 13. Where I lacked in athletic ability, I made up for in creativity, leading to what alliteratively and affectionately became known as “Bobby Ball”. It is a name synonymous with both losing. And hope.

On the surface, Bobby Ball is much akin to Wiffle Ball. For starters, it uses a Wiffle Ball bat. However, instead of a Wiffle Ball, Bobby Ball uses a deflated rubber ball, halfway between the size of a baseball and a softball. It makes use of ghost runners and bean-outs. Its purest form is one-on-one, however, multi-player Bobby Ball certainly has its advantages. At its core, it’s the baseball equivalent of one-on-one basketball. First one to 21 runs wins – or, when age or brevity is part the equation – 11.

From a…

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