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Loglines of my completed scripts:


All Quiet on Departure

A small town crime reporter stages his own crimes to escape from his escalating boredom. The more he gets away with, the more entangled he becomes in a web of murder and deceit.

Autumn Fall

One tragic death seen through the eyes of two families in a tale of loss and redemption.

Awaiting Identification

Five unidentified bodies lie in a Detroit morgue. Five intersecting storylines reveal how they ended up there throughout the course of one night.

House Cat

A feisty house cat, tired of being held captive indoors while all the other cats get to roam freely, decides to escape from home. Several adventures follow as she learns the ultimate lesson—there’s no place like home.

Nutty Christmas

An evil nutcracker army takes over Santa’s toy factory and turns it into a nut factory, forcing Santa and his elves to wage a war in order to save both Christmas and their livelihood.

Love & Vodka

A man follows his heart to Ukraine to propose to his overseas pen pal and convince both her and her parents of his true intentions, only to get much more than he bargained for.

Michigan Ave.

Recently dumped by his girlfriend, a man asks his friend to help him move back home from Chicago to Detroit, only to experience the road trip from hell.

Only Time

A woman loses her husband on 9/11, beginning a year-long journey of recovery and redemption.

Once Again
An old scientist who lived a lifetime of regret develops a potion that lets him age in reverse and enjoy the life he never had.

Ordinary Joe

A down-on-his-luck factory worker becomes a pitching sensation for the Detroit Tigers after winning an Opening Day first pitch contest.

Rebound Man

A recently divorced man has to learn how to be single for the first time in his adult life.

The Santa Prophecy

An epic trilogy spanning several centuries following the paths taken by two brothers bound by prophecy — one who will become known to the world as Santa Claus; the other destined to remove his brother from power, forcing a new battle between good and evil.

Sleep Study

A romantic thriller about an insomniac who participates in an experimental sleep study in an attempt to unlock her troubled past.

Soup on Ice

Two mischievous boys set out to convince the town drunk to play Santa Claus for their town’s Christmas celebration. Based on the novel “Soup on Ice” by Robert Newton Peck.

Television Shows:

All Quiet on Departure

A small town crime reporter stages his own crimes to escape from his escalating boredom. The more he gets away with, the more entangled he becomes in a web of murder and deceit.

Bored of Education

An inside look at what really goes on behind the closed doors of a teacher’s lounge, demonstrating that the lives of teachers and students have more in common than on the surface.


The professional and personal lives of a group of public high school teachers slowly begin to unravel as the wall between the classroom and the real world begins to blur.

Au Pairs

Foreign nannies adjust to life in America with the help of the American man who befriends them.

Neighborhood Association

Residents of a suburban cul-de-sac vie for power against a corrupt neighborhood association.


The trials and tribulations of eight high school friends alternate between their high school years and the onset of 30.

Status Update

Two former high school nerds use a social networking site to gain a second chance at becoming popular with the “cool” crowd.

Mr. Chalkboard

An ultra-conservative, fed up with the public education system, becomes a teacher in a desperate attempt to “save” the system.

Only Time

A mother learns to pick up the pieces of her life after she loses her husband on 9/11.


A man has to learn to get by while trying to get his overseas fiancée into the country.

Bed & Breakfast:

A quirky dramedy set in a potentially haunted, northern Michigan bed and breakfast, and run by a mystical woman who magically transforms the lives of every guest in her own, special way.

Life in Hell

A dramedy depicting life in Hell, Michigan.

Starting Over

After getting dumped by his childhood sweetheart, a 25-year old man finds himself single for the first time in his adult life.


A group of childhood friends who share one thing in common — all grew up to be losers in one form or another.

Reality Shows:

Please, Make My Husband Handy

Tool-challenged men are “made-over” into handymen by home improvement experts.


Abandoned and neglected homes in urban Detroit are restored to their former glory.

Green Card

The epic struggle citizens of third world countries face when trying to obtain a visa into the United States.


Ordinary Americans compete to adjust to everyday life in less-than-friendly foreign lands.

Game Time

A game show in which celebrities compete with one another, as well as ordinary citizens, in actual board games.


Contestants are sent on a mission to enter “no trespassing” zones. The goal is not to get caught.

Party Crashers

Contestants are sent to various parties, ceremonies, etc, with the sole aim of causing chaos.

Open 24 Hrs.

Hidden camera conversations depict life inside a 24-hour diner.

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